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Taloflow is a turnkey AWS cost optimization product that saves engineering and finance teams months of headaches. It takes only 5 minutes to ingrate and you can instantly track all of your AWS services and get detailed alerts and tailored cost optimization recommendations without setting up any complex alert rules, tags, or maintenance.

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Email Alerts and Summaries

These are the clock times when the events are fired for the alerts.

Alert typeTriggerTimeframe
Daily00:05AM (UTC)from 20h of d-2 to 19:59 of d-1 (UTC)
WeeklyWednesdays at 00:35AM (UTC)from 0h of before last Monday (d-9) to 23:59 of last Sunday (d-3) (UTC)
Monthly6th of the month at 01:00AM (UTC)from 0h of the 1st of the previous month to 23:59 of the last day of the previous month (UTC)


Slight delay

There is a slight delay in the alerting triggers mentioned above because, while the alerts jobs for our can run in parallel, the instantiation can take between 30-60 seconds per step, of which there are two.

Updated 5 months ago

Email Alerts and Summaries

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