Getting Started
Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for Taloflow.


Taloflow offers two kinds of analysis for buying cloud products and dev tools:
  • Quick Match, which is a guided process that filters and ranks possible solutions based on use-case fit.
  • TCO/Detailed Analysis, which allows you to upload or connect your existing cloud usage data to map costs and usage between platforms. (e.g.: what do my AWS costs look like on Google Cloud?)
TCO/Detailed Analysis is currently only available via cloud vendor referral.


Signing up

You can Sign up for a Taloflow account using email, or your Google or GitHub account.


Once in the dashboard, you'll be able to start a Quick Match or TCO/Detailed Analysis (if you have the referral) by clicking on Start a new match. You can also see the progress of various searches or analysis in the table under All matches.
Last modified 6mo ago