Welcome to Taloflow's documentation.


Taloflow is a collaborative notebook for fast cloud vendor evaluations that combines:
  • a proprietary vendor data catalog curated by top analysts,
  • an expert system for analyzing use cases, and
  • a notebook experience that integrates into your procurement process.
It provides significant time savings as well as visibility, archiving, and accountability for the decision-making process.


Taloflow currently provides templates for two types of evaluations:
  • Recommendation to provide you a recommendation within a specific category, like object storage or cloud cost management.
  • Alternative to help you find an alternative to a specific product.


Taloflow invests considerable time and resources working with the top analysts in different categories of cloud tools and services. The supported categories are:
  • API Gateway
  • API Management
  • APM and Observability
  • Cloud Cost Management
  • Cloud Object Storage
  • iPaaS
In Q3 2022, we are adding support for Cloud DBMS, CRM, ERP, HCM, Data Integration, RPA, BPM, and Low Code App Platforms.
Last modified 7mo ago