Getting Started

Find the best cloud and dev tools for your use case, 10x faster


Taloflow offers two kinds of analysis for buying cloud products and dev tools:

  • Quick Match, which is a guided process that filters and ranks possible solutions based on use-case fit.

  • Detailed Analysis, which allows you to upload or connect your existing cloud usage data to map costs and usage between platforms. (e.g.: what do my AWS costs look like on Google Cloud?) Only available for a limited set of cloud products.


Signing up

You can sign up for a Taloflow account using Email. OAuth with Google or GitHub are coming soon.


Once in the dashboard, you'll be able to start a Quick Match or Detailed Analysis by clicking on "Start a new match". You can also see the progress of various searches or analysis in the table under "All matches".

At this time, Detailed Analysis is in beta and only available for Cloud Object Storage products.