Getting Started

Here's how to get a quick start with Taloflow.


Signing up

You can Sign up for a Taloflow account using email, or your Google or GitHub account.


Once in the dashboard, you'll be able to start creating the evaluations mentioned above by clicking the "Start a new evaluation" button.

Creating an Evaluation

Once you've clicked "Start a new evaluation" from the Dashboard, you'll be asked:
  1. 1.
    to select the Product Category you want to run an evaluation for; and
  2. 2.
    to select the type of evaluation you want to run (e.g., Recommendation or Alternative)
After a few seconds, you'll have an evaluation ready-made for you to work with.

Using the Evaluation

The evaluation comes in the form of a collaborative text editor with lots of smart blocks that you can add, toggle, and configure to suit your reporting needs or provide new insights into your decision.
By default, you'll be dropped into the Questions view which guides you to narrow down your requirements.
You can switch back and forth between the Main evaluation view and the Questions view.