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Tim, the Taloflow Instance Manager, is an AI that helps you reduce your AWS costs.

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Here's a list of answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

What problem does Tim solve?

Nearly 35-40% of all public cloud spend is wasted because of poor resource provisioning and obtuse pricing mechanics. Rightsizing, cleaning up unused and underutilized resources, and optimizing workloads is still a process driven largely by manual reviews and coordination between finance and IT teams.

Where does the name Tim come from?

Our company's name is Taloflow. We created a novel Instance Manager for your cloud. We decided to give the Taloflow Instance Manager a friendlier persona by naming the product Tim.

How long does it take to learn how to work with Tim?

The whole point of Tim was to create an auto-pilot for your cloud. If it isn't effortless, it isn't Tim. You should know your way around Tim in five minutes and feel quite comfortable after half a day.

Who uses Tim?

We're targeting Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), DevOps, and Platform Engineering teams to start. If you're the one managing AWS for your company, this is your tool.

Are you an AWS Partner?

Taloflow is dedicated to providing the best possible services for cloud management and resource optimization on AWS. Taloflow has met all of the advanced technical requirements to become an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner and undergone an architectural review of its platform by AWS Solution Architects.

How does Tim know AWS' real-time costs?

Tim's Live Cost Graph uses Tim's proprietary AI cost model to provide you a real-time metric of your instantaneous AWS cost. Please note, while very accurate, this is an estimate of cost.

Does Tim have an API?

Tim will allow you to programmatically trigger actions from an API so it fits in your DevOps workflow. However, this feature is still in Beta and you will need to request access by contacting us here: hi@taloflow.ai

Does Tim have a "Dark Mode"?

A resounding 'Yes'! This is our most important feature. You can switch between Light and Dark mode in the dashboard.

Does Tim support Kubernetes monitoring?

Services running in a Kubernetes cluster are registered by name. If you use our logging, they can be tracked and given the same metrics as services outside Kubernetes on AWS. However, this feature is still in Beta and you will need to request access by contacting us here: hi@taloflow.ai

Does Tim pick up S3 data?

Yes. However, Tim's suggestions for Cost tags, Deletion and Archiving is still in Beta and you will need to request access by contacting us here: hi@taloflow.ai

Is Tim secure?

We treat security seriously at Taloflow, and you can learn more about our security policies and methodologies here.

Specifically, what does Tim do?

Tim monitors all of your cloud workloads, instances, and snapshots in easily-identifiable tag groups and comes up with automations to save costs in real-time.

How does Tim compare against the competition?

There is no seamless product that holds everything together like Tim for cloud cost optimization. Many tools are complicated to implement or lack documentation. Services that automate workloads do so from simple scheduling, but that’s insufficient and inflexible. Cloud bill analysis and cloud monitoring tools do a poor job with workload automation and tying it in with business context.