Tim FAQs

Here are FAQs about Taloflow Tim.

What does Tim do?

Tim monitors your cloud costs for anomalies in real-time, forecasts future spend, and provides root-cause analysis of cost anomalies. Tim helps you save money, improve margins, dissect and optimize AWS costs 10x faster using the tools you already know and love.

What's unique about Tim's forecasts?

Our forecasts are different:

  1. We believe them to be more useful because we customize them for each specific account/customer. We will customize your account's forecasts as we go and can take into account change events and forecast events as we get more integrated.

  2. We also tend to be sticky downward and fast upward, while AWS tends to be the other way around.

  3. We tend to trend longer than AWS, while AWS emphasizes recent numbers. We pick up more seasonality, and longer term trends.

Do you have the option of creating alerts for unused resources?

A core principle of ours is to be non-invasive (no agents, etc.), so our approach relies on reporting based on the transfer charges for things like ELBs and hours usage for EIPs. If anything, this is something we cover in our monthly bill reviews with premium customers.

What's integration like?

You can connect with Tim securely in about 5-10 minutes.

  • Send data without agents

  • Connect any AWS account (including Sub Accounts)

  • You have full control over what data is sent

  • Access to limited metrics and the AWS Cost and Usage Report

  • Done via a 3rd party IAM Role

Does Tim support Kubernetes monitoring?

Services running in a Kubernetes cluster are registered by name. If you use our logging, they can be tracked and given the same metrics as services outside Kubernetes on AWS.

Is Tim secure?

We treat security seriously at Taloflow, and you can learn more about our security policies and methodologies here.

How does Tim compare against other tools?

While there are a bevy of tools that provide historical analysis of spend, there is no seamless product that holds everything together like Tim for cloud cost monitoring in real-time.