Forward CloudWatch Events

Forward CloudWatch events for all the regions you use for better results.


By default, the CloudFormation Script you used when integrating your Cost Report bucket with Tim forwards events only for the US-East-1 AWS Region. Forwarding CloudWatch events for the other regions you use will produce a better Real-time Running Cost. If this is important to you, please repeat the steps below for each CloudWatch region you are in beyond US-East-1. If you have Sub Accounts that you want Real-time Running Cost for, you'll need to repeat these steps in each of those Sub Accounts too.

The forwarded data are the EC2 events, including instance IDs and their state (i.e.: on/off)


  • Go to the CloudWatch Console‚Äč

  • Click on Rules under Events in the left navigation pane and then click Create rule

  • Under Event Source, make sure that Event Pattern is the selected option.

  • Click Edit in the Event Pattern Preview text area and copy and paste the following snippet into the pop up text area and click Save.

"source": [
"detail-type": [
"EC2 Instance State-change Notification"
  • To the right of the screen, click Add target

  • In the drop-down selector, scroll down and select Event bus in another AWS account

  • In the Account ID field, add Tim's AWS account ID: 845897643164

  • Just below, please select Use existing role

  • Under Use existing role search and select the taloflowInvokeEventBusRole.

  • Scroll down and click Configure details to move onto the next page.

  • Please give the Rule the name taloflowInvokeEventBusRule and click Create rule